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Pengemaskinian Profil dan iNEIS Murid, Online

Ibu Bapa serta penjaga sekarang boleh mengemaskini data-data peribadi anak-anak abiskita secara online setelah diperakui anak abiskita bersekolah di sekolah ini.

02 July 2015

CheckPoint Tests Year 4, 5 and 6

Today is the last day for Year 4 and 5 students having their SBA2 CheckPoint Test 1. The test has already been running for five days since Saturday, 27th June. As seen in the pictures, Year 5 are having their papers in the hall. Hopefully they all can excel and obtain great results.

For Year 6, the last paper of Science CheckPoint Test 3 will be on this Monday, 6th July. Previously they sat for English and Mathematics on 22nd June and 29th June, 1 week interval in between. They, too, are hoped to achieve better than before in CheckPoint Tests 1 and 2 in March and April.

08 March 2015

Parents Briefed On Compulsory Education Act

Tungku Primary school organised a briefing on Compulsory Education Act which was already enacted by Ministry of Education in 2007. The briefing was attended by parents and guardians of students of the school. The occasion took place in the school's hall on 7 March 2015. Apart, the occasion was also held for Year 6 parents to attend for their children's record signing soon after the briefing on the act was completed.

The school's headmistress, Cikgu Hajah Norliha binti Haji Matali delivered the briefing, accompanied by Headmistress Assistant 1, Cikgu Nadiah binti Haji Mohammad Noor.

Students' attendance was the main focus in the briefing. As mentioned by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in his 2015 New Year's eve Titah for a concerted effort towards achieving National Vision 2035, His Majesty welcomed the Ministry of Education’s plan to implement medium and long term strategies to ensure full student attendance in the classroom, as well as to derive multiplied efficacy in teaching and learning from lower to subsequent levels, setting a high target of at least 90 per cent of students achieving grades A to C in the Primary School Assessment for 2017.

The target was hoped to be able to help all students in primary school level to become more successful in their studies. In doing so, His Majesty said the enforcement of the Compulsory Education Act should be enhanced in a bid to produce a more disciplined and dynamic generation.

The attendance of students, as mentioned in the headmistress's speech, was tracked everyday both by the school and Ministry of Education through the newly implemented administrative system called the iNEIS or Integrated National Education and Information System. The tracking was live online. For any absent student without any given reason from parents, the student's absence could be seen directly by respective MOE officers in their office. The parents would be called on phones regarding the matter especially for students who had been absent for days.

Some parents attending the briefing raised feedback regarding the act on some unfamiliar situations. Questioning and answering session had given positive returns both for the school and the parents thus strengthening the knowledge information about the act.

For parents who need a copy of the briefing on Compulsory Education Act, they can download the copy from the school's blog at The briefing was hoped for the parents to take note positively and seriously on their children's attendance to schools.

Headmistress, Cikgu Hajah Norliha delivering the briefing

A parent during a Q & A session

Year 6 Signing Record for 1st Trial Assessment

Year 6 Signing Record for 1st Trial Assessment

22 November 2014

Signing Students' Records 2014

A great influx of parents came to school's hall this morning for signing their children's records.

Started at 8 a.m until 12 p.m, parents also communicated with their children's respective class and subject teachers. This meeting enhanced the productivities of children's behaviours and attitudes toward their achievement in their studies.

21 November 2014

Teachers' Day Sports Fun

Marking the 30th Teachers' Day celebration in the country, the school yesterday organised a Teachers Day Sports Fun for all teachers from the school.

The occasion took place as early as 8 a.m in the hall soon after the routine morning assembly with the children.

Kicked off with simple body warming ups led by Headmistress Cikgu Hajah Norliha binti Haji Matali, the sports fun was just about to thrill with a netball tournament among female teachers. The Headmistress and Assistant Headmistress I, Cikgu Nadia, participated in the game.

Other sports and some simple games like score the baskets, run and fish and sort others had involved all teachers in a teamwork building, thus strengthen the ties and serene friendships among teachers and colleagues. Other school staffs like the janitors and the clerks also participated in the games.

Presents for the best players and highest scorers were given away by the Headmistress, Assistant Headmistress I, Assistant Headmistress II, Head of the Religious Teachers and Heads of the School Administration Teachers at the end of the occasion.

20 November 2014

iNEIS in Progress

Teacher Lim Kok Chien, one of the iNEIS school committees, introduced the use of the new system to all teachers in the school's ICT lab last Tuesday, 18 November 2014.

Assisted by another member from the committees, Cikgu Ampuan Noni Hirnie also facilitated the use of the system to the teachers.

iNEIS, or "Integrated National Education & Information System" is a new system that all schools in Brunei will use officially in early 2015, under the monitoring of Ministry of Education's e-Hijrah ICT project.

The system is a holistic approach nationwide containing students' data information starting from their learning at pre-schools until reaching their highest education in sixth forms or so.

02 September 2014

SR Tungku Welcomes SD Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia

Tungku Primary School today has received a total of 21 children and 3 teachers from Sekolah Dasar Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia. Welcoming the delegates at the airport were the Brunei III zone officials from Department of Schools. Also welcoming on behalf of the school were Hjh Samziah Hj Sabtu, former Assistant Headmistress I and Md Hashnalhakhim Hj Abd Halim, the current Assistant Headmaster II.

The delegates then went to Tungku Primary School for a short introduction to the school and were welcomed by the school’s headmistress, Hjh Norliha Hj Matali. The delegates had given with refreshment, then divided and distributed to 10 host families. They will live with the host families adapting the lifestyles of Bruneians.

The delegates will be joining normal classes in the school, learning the subjects being learnt in Brunei and making new Bruneian friends apart from visits that have been arranged for them. They will be in Brunei at Tungku Primary School for four days starting from 2 September until 6 September 2014.

One of the officials from Department of Schools accompanies the delegates.

Hjh Samziah Hj Sabtu, former Assistant Headmistress I greets and welcomes the delegates.

The delegates listening to a short introduction to the school.

The 10 Host Families with the children from SD Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia.

Headmistress Hjh Norliha Hj Matali (2nd from left) having a picture taken with teachers from SD Nizamia Andalusia.

01 May 2014

SR Tungku Juara Sepak Takraw

Sekolah Rendah Tungku berjaya menjulang sebagai juara bagi Kejohanan Sepak Takraw Sekolah-Sekolah Rendah Kawasan Zon Brunei III bagi tahun 2014 yang berlangsung di Sekolah Sukan, Berakas.

Sekolah Rendah Tungku yang diwakili oleh lima pemain dengan jersey kuning berjaya menewaskan Sekolah Rendah Rimba II dengan mata jaringan 15 – 10 di set pertama dan 15 – 8 di set kedua, sekaligus menjadikan Sekolah Rendah Rimba II sebagai Naib Johan bagi kejohanan ini.

Tempat ketiga dimenangi oleh Sekolah Rendah PPSD Sahibul Bandar yang menewaskan Sekolah Rendah OKSB Kilanas sebagai tempat keempat.

Pemangku Penolong Pengarah Daerah Zon Brunei III, Haji Zakaria bin Haji Duraman, dari Jabatan Sekolah-Sekolah Kementerian Pendidikan selaku tetamu kehormat berkenan menyampaikan pingat kepada semua pemain-pemain yang merangkul sebagai johan, naib johan, tempat ketiga dan keempat serta penghargaan kepada sekolah-sekolah kawasan Brunei III yang turut menyertai serta kepada ahli-ahli jawatankuasa termasuk hakim-hakim perlawanan yang sama-sama turut menjayakan kejohanan ini.

Hajah Norliha binti Haji Matali, Guru Besar Sekolah Rendah Tungku berkenan menyampaikan penghargaan kepada tetamu kehormat di atas kesudian beliau menghadiri dan menyemarakkan acara kejohanan.

Kejohanan Sepak Takraw ini dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Pendidikan Kokurikulum Kementerian Pendidikan dan diselanggarakan oleh Sekolah Rendah Tungku sebagai tuan rumah

**Lebih banyak gambar di Facebook kami.

11 April 2014

Kids Exposed to the Wastes

A group of students had a live exposure on how the recyclable items were handled for recycling process. Dated back on 27 March 2014, the students experienced on how the items were set aside according to their specific classification of materials - papers, plastics and cans. This was a program being ran by the school until June this year in support for the Hewlett Packard Recycling Drive organised by Green Brunei Sdn Bhd.

They ventured through the process of scaling the items on the scale measurement tool. As they observed the materials were grouped respectively, handled and explained by the recycling workers from a private recycling company, and also from the teachers, students were able to identify the mass weights of the recyclable items human had had produced in everyday life.

Students also were able to predict that the recyclable items could be used again to produce new products. Recycling was also meant to save the used resources, at least to minimise from extensive exploration of natural resources solely for humans' use.

Although the students understood a little about recycling and were eager to know more of what would happen to the items next, they did understood that they needed to save the planet from humans' massive wastes around the world, particularly in their own country.

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