Hakeem and Syafiqah Excelled in Azan and Reciting Surahs

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Abdul Hakeem bin Haji Ali, a student from Year 6 got 84% for his result thus ranked number 1 for Azan competition in conjuction with a religious event Maulidur Rasul or Prophet Muhammad S.A.W's birthday celebration in the school's hall. Others, ranking number 2 was Md Izz Fadlin bin Md Fadillah with 78%, Ak Md Hadi Syukri bin Pg Hj Yusof got number 3 with 64%, Saifullah Aiman bin Salim was at 4 with 62% and Muhammad Afiq Aiman bin Awg Matusin got 62% at number 5.

The criteria assessed for the Azan competition were the fluency, rhythm in delivering the Azan, voice projection and finally the doa after the Azan.

On the other hand, the reciting of the Surahs performed by a group of five girls was won by Syafiqah Nazirah binti Suaime with 79%. At number 2 was Nurrasiqah binti Samsul Adi with 77.5%, Siti Nor Duratul Asilah binti Zulkefli got 76%, Siti Norafifah binti Rimi got 71.5% at number 4 and Siti Nor Syahirah binti Muhammad Irul Iffandy got 68%. They firstly would need to recite one compulsory Surah, the Adh Dhuha, followed by their chosen Surahs for the competition.

Similarly, the criteria assessed for reciting the Surahs were based on Tajwid, fluency, voice projection and rhythm in delivering and reciting the Surahs.

The occasion was organised by the Religious Section led by Ustaz Md Amiruddin bin Hj Md Zaidi and attended by teachers and pupils of the school itself. Cikgu Hjh Norliha binti Hj Matali, Headmistress of SR Tungku and the Assistant Headmistress and Assisstant Headmaster, Cikgu Hjh Samziah binti Haji Sabtu and Cikgu Hashnalhakim bin Hj Abd Halim also attended the event. Other performance included was the Nasyid by Year 2A and 5B. This event took place on Thursday, 31 January 2013 corresponded to 19 Rabiulawal 1434 Hijrah.

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