Kids Exposed to the Wastes

Posted by S Tungku on Friday, April 11, 2014 with No comments
A group of students had a live exposure on how the recyclable items were handled for recycling process. Dated back on 27 March 2014, the students experienced on how the items were set aside according to their specific classification of materials - papers, plastics and cans. This was a program being ran by the school until June this year in support for the Hewlett Packard Recycling Drive organised by Green Brunei Sdn Bhd.

They ventured through the process of scaling the items on the scale measurement tool. As they observed the materials were grouped respectively, handled and explained by the recycling workers from a private recycling company, and also from the teachers, students were able to identify the mass weights of the recyclable items human had had produced in everyday life.

Students also were able to predict that the recyclable items could be used again to produce new products. Recycling was also meant to save the used resources, at least to minimise from extensive exploration of natural resources solely for humans' use.

Although the students understood a little about recycling and were eager to know more of what would happen to the items next, they did understood that they needed to save the planet from humans' massive wastes around the world, particularly in their own country.

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