SR Tungku Welcomes SD Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia

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Tungku Primary School today has received a total of 21 children and 3 teachers from Sekolah Dasar Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia. Welcoming the delegates at the airport were the Brunei III zone officials from Department of Schools. Also welcoming on behalf of the school were Hjh Samziah Hj Sabtu, former Assistant Headmistress I and Md Hashnalhakhim Hj Abd Halim, the current Assistant Headmaster II.

The delegates then went to Tungku Primary School for a short introduction to the school and were welcomed by the school’s headmistress, Hjh Norliha Hj Matali. The delegates had given with refreshment, then divided and distributed to 10 host families. They will live with the host families adapting the lifestyles of Bruneians.

The delegates will be joining normal classes in the school, learning the subjects being learnt in Brunei and making new Bruneian friends apart from visits that have been arranged for them. They will be in Brunei at Tungku Primary School for four days starting from 2 September until 6 September 2014.

One of the officials from Department of Schools accompanies the delegates.

Hjh Samziah Hj Sabtu, former Assistant Headmistress I greets and welcomes the delegates.

The delegates listening to a short introduction to the school.

The 10 Host Families with the children from SD Nizamia Andalusia, Indonesia.

Headmistress Hjh Norliha Hj Matali (2nd from left) having a picture taken with teachers from SD Nizamia Andalusia.

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