Futsal: 6 - 1 and 0 - 6

Posted by S Tungku on Saturday, May 07, 2011 with 1 comment

The school's futsal team made their best in the game against two schools at Sekolah Rendah Orang Kaya Setia Bakti Kilanas futsal field on today's afternoon. Tungku won over SR Kiarong with 6 - 1 but lost to SR Mata-Mata with 0 - 6.

The team was coached by Cikgu Hamdillah bin Abu Hanipah (third row, left) and Cikgu Muhammad Azizul Nurasri bin Haji Nordin (third row, right) and the futsal team members from left to right in the second row standing were Amirul, Hafizan, Dzull, Farris and Ikram. From the front row, left to right, were Adi, Shamuddin, Hasiff, Najib and Ridzwan.

Eventhough lost to SR Mata-Mata in the second round, they accepted it as part of the game and that chance will still be there in future times. All they need is courage and enthusiasm of never giving up apart from gradual practice at school during extra curricular activities.

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