The Memorable Speech of the Former GB

Posted by S Tungku on Thursday, May 05, 2011 with 12 comments
It was the last day for Cikgu Suhaili bin Haji Jaafar, the former Guru Besar or Headmaster of Sekolah Rendah Tungku, delivering his speech in the school's hall on Saturday, 30 April 2011. All pupils and teachers were gathered to the hall at around 11.30am. Cikgu Saramah binti Mail, Assistant Headmistress I, started her speech thus opening the memorable occasion in respect to Cikgu Suhaili's last day before moving off to an office workplace in Ministry of Education.

The GB's speech can be heard by viewing the video clip below. Representing all the teachers, pupils and staffs, a pupil from Year 6A namely Mohammad Ridzwan bin Roslan gave his final appreciation and thanks special only for GB. Soon after, last greetings in respect to GB by all the pupils, teachers and staffs happened on the stage.

Cikgu Suhaili delivered his speech on the last day.

A representative, Mohammad Ridzwan bin Roslan, from Year 6A representing all pupils,
teachers and staffs, gave his speech special only for GB.

The last greetings in respect to GB by all the pupils, teachers and staffs.

As an appreciation from us all, we pray for your success in your new career and thanks for being a great leader for Sekolah Rendah Tungku, Brunei III.

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