School Leadership Program, An Introduction

Posted by S Tungku on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 with 12 comments
Cikgu Suhaili bin Haji Jaafar, GB SR Tungku

                        Cikgu Roseadah binti Haji Jumat         Cikgu Hamdiah binti Haji Amat

Another step forward for quality administration and education purposes, SR Tungku yesterday made an official meeting with all the teacher staffs for School Leadership Program, abbreviated SLP, in the newly established conference room at the school.

Headmaster of SR Tungku, Cikgu Suhaili bin Haji Jaafar, working together with Cikgu Hamdiah binti Haji Amat and Cikgu Roseadah binti Haji Jumat were the facilitators who responsible cascading the program to all other teaching staffs. Teachers were divided into six groups, each consisting six to seven people.

Learning and applying new concepts and skills in administration and education field and for the school to transform into quality working and education environment were among of the goals mentioned in the meeting. The headmaster, considered as the captain and leader for a team, had the role to lead, to teach and to transform teachers into a proactive team, standing together as one for the benefit of all.

Amongst mentioned was about values that a better leader must have positive values like being responsible, honest, respect and understanding, to name a few. To conclude, values reflect personal attitudes which might have holistic effects to his/her team in the working environment.

Others mentioned were the SPN21 and the personal find-out test on Emotional Energy and Edge. By understanding the mission and vision of SPN21 through great leadership, whether a headmaster/headmistress to his/her teaching staffs team or a teacher to his/her pupils, leads to the success achievement of the SPN21 main objectives. The Emotional Energy find-out test was a practical to individual teacher by reflecting back the past in form of a graph drawn on a paper focusing on positive and negative experience that had affected the emotion and feeling, which in turn affected personal attitude thus the values as mentioned earlier. All teachers in each group completed their respective Emotional Energy graph and shared them with others by explaining what had happened in their past life. Similarly, the Edge tested on individual's performance against values which can be considered personal and confidential. The teachers overviewed and reflected themselves both in the working environment as a member in a team for teamwork and being a leader to the children in delivering effective and quality learning.

Finally before the meeting ended, the headmaster and other facilitators mentioned to instil the first SLP project for the school. The school's main problem was the pupils, as they were the main asset, who could not or slightly unable to write anything in English in a proper way. A thorough planning to find out weaknesses that English was not much emphasized both in reading and writing. Eventhough it was emphasized, problems were still arising that the kids were still unable to write proper English and not fluent in reading, though they were exposed to numerous English resources.